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Oracolare - II studio


L’acqua e la terra per nuda scena.

La nudità come essenza da indossare, essenza del vero da indossare.

La sacerdotessa è un canto rituale e preghiere indecifrabili ma percepibili, sensibili, è una con l'evocare.

Per pochi preziosi attimi la Dea si manifesta nell'oracolare subitaneo ed enigmatico che avviene, accade. Un divenire possente.

Meraviglia, prodigio, portento.


Per la sacerdotessa che attraversa il portale è ora il tempo di essere attraversata come canale, è lo spazio-tempo oracolare che sul tripode si svolge a spirale nella potente bellezza del bosco, esposta al divenire elementale. Fluisce come fiume, è nel flusso, è flusso.

Verrà il tempo della lettura, dell'interpretare, verrà il tempo del riflettere e del dipanare.

Verranno il tempo della scelta, il tempo dell'azione.

Qui e ora è lo spazio selvaggio della manifestazione, nel cuore della selvatica bellezza della terra assolata solcata dalle acque e delle radure ombrose protette dalle fronde nel segreto del sottobosco incantato.

Qui e ora è l'oracolo.

Per chi lo sa ascoltare.


L'oracolo e l'oracolare.



Oracolare - II studio


Barbara Zanoni

concept, coreografia, canto, danza contemporanea


VEKU – arte sciamanica



an elemental path in five rooms for five spectators

(VERA project – for a metaphysics of movement )

A journey through five rooms of shamanic art for two artists with integrated languages

between contemporary dance, sculpture, singing and performance and conceived for a few spectators with a guide-guardian of the space.


The papier-mâché shapes and the moving shapes of the dancing body are the icons,

that is, bridges, media, between an archaic or archetypal elsewhere 

and a manifest, breathable here and now.


The succession of rooms creates a plot-path in which the drawings and writings are woven.

of the bodies, movements and shapes to cross.




by and with 

Alice Iaquinta and Barbara Zanoni


and with the participation of

Carlotta Geminiani


co-directed by Paola Li Vecchi 

VEKU - arte sciamanica




SELVIANA is inspired and dedicated to the nymphs of the woods, the saligae, the selvanae, the dryads, the
mermaids, anguanas and all the goddesses and wild creatures that live in the heart of the forest.


Bark, root
Feeling the stamens on your lips, without asking, leave you a gift of pollen
Branch, leaf, resin
Listen to the harmonics of the branches, as they resonate in the dance of the foragers
Flower, the multitudes of inflorescences
Extreme single color vibrate to tire the eyes of light, but not the gaze
Leaf, veins like silk threads
The damp undergrowth bears a germinating odor of decay and apparent stasis, rises to the nostrils,
Of humus and dew, it has a thickness wet with darkness
Lunar and black, full of life.
Mother, under your rarefied silver cloak I wear different barks on my skin,
To honor the creatures that weave our breath: returning to the sacred forest, I return to myself
Sinking into the grass I awakened the memories of the two mulberry trees
And how the fatigue in the legs of climbing still gives the sense of belonging
To the earth
To the waters
To heaven
At the fires
More yet to be named
In the now.

SELVIANA is an organic and essentially intimate vision of the relationship between the human dimension and
the arboreal one inspired by pure listening to the plant world, the forest and the woods: a vision
spiritual embodied in a dancing and singing body, which rests on this feeling and what about it
returns some parts through dance and voice. Inspiration spreads forcefully
when the forest invades the gaze and the full perception of its beauty and its strength
leave a break.
SELVIANA accesses the symbolic part of the arboreal dimension for subsequent focusing
details, such as leaves that have fallen and turned into soil through ongoing decomposition on the ground, or
like new nascent shoots that seek their own direction by orienting themselves in space: in
physical writing the dance returns traces of it, gratefully, in which the Moon is channeled like lymph into the
leaves exuding dew.

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